Welcome to the Porton Court website

If you have suggestions for improvement of the website, please add a comment below on this page (will be visible to all), or direct to the webmaster via the form on the Contacts page.

Scroll down to see what’s new. You can add a comment on any page in the leave a reply box, but it will not show immediately as the webmaster has to approve them. All constructive suggestions welcome.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Porton Court website

  1. Thanks for working on this Diane. Looks great and I like that the plans are already uploaded for Surbiton Court development.

    At the AGM there was talk of a social event in the summer. I will post some notices on each of the boards soon if anyone is interested in joining me for organising an afternoon event in the coming months.


  2. Brenda posted the message below on the forum. Any comments from others?

    I would like to ask if there is a space outside for BBQ? One thing we don’t have is balcony and in summer there is no outdoor spaces.
    Does any of the residents share the same need?
    The suggestions made on entrance tree removal could potentially provide some communal space.
    It doesn’t have to be used for BBQ all the time but even a small external area to enjoy some fresh air to read books etc would be really nice.
    Is a roof terrace an option too?
    What are your thoughts?


    • Thanks, Diane.

      I noticed in the Garden Section that BBQ is not allowed.

      After our BBQ in summer, perhaps this can be reviewed with everyone?


  3. Fantastic work on the website! It’s also smart phone friendly!
    I had no idea this was done. It would be worth putting up on the notice board to let everyone know.
    I also like the options of getting notifications via email as Its not likely to check the website everyday for any updates.

    Well done!

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  4. Thanks Brenda. We did put up a notice when the website was launched, but perhaps we should have the web address on notices as a reminder and for new residents


  5. I do like the website but it could do with a touch of java script to let you walk around the building. Secondly, as Jim has noticed, there are opportunist burglars and although my flat has motion detector, PIR”s FTP to New Zealand and IR cameras, would it not be better to take the gestalt approach.



    • Thanks Roger. Perhaps we need to chat about this since I don’t fully understand some of your comments and would welcome any suggestion


  6. Just Want to comment about the work Jim does: clears the drains, does some of the garden and negotiated with the builders to gain money for Porton Court. Thank you Jim


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