If a fire occurs in a flat all occupants of that flat must leave at once, closing doors and windows if possible.  Do not try to fight the fire, but try to ensure the flat’s front door is fully closed to prevent fire spreading to landings and thus blocking the escape of others to the staircase.

Call the Fire Brigade immediately by dialling 999.  Warn other residents in the close vicinity, but they are not obliged to evacuate as each flat is designed to be a safe refuge in its own right.  Lifts must not be used during evacuation.

What to do in the event of a fire


Porton Court is designed as a series of compartments which will contain a fire to a single flat, landing, or lobby area.  Because of this a ‘Stay Put’ Policy applies as the best means of ensuring the safety of residents not immediately affected by a fire.  The fire risk in the public areas is closely monitored to make a fire in such a location extremely unlikely, but also to ensure that the staircases will remain a safe exit route.

  • Stay within your flat unless it is your flat which is on fire, or you are in immediate danger from fire or smoke, or you are instructed by the Fire Brigade to evacuate the building.
  • If you leave your flat you must leave the building. Close all doors behind you, remain calm, and only use the staircase to reach the ground floor exits. The lifts should NOT be used.
  • Notify a Fire officer immediately if you are aware of a disabled neighbour who may need assistance.

If a fire breaks out in your flat:

  • Leave the affected room at once and close the door.
  • Tell everyone in your flat to leave immediately.
  • Close the front door when everyone is out.
  • Do not stay behind to try to put out the fire.
  • Call the Fire Brigade on 999.
  • Wait outside, away from the building.

Take sensible precautions to reduce the risk:

  • Fit a smoke alarm in your hallway.
  • For even better protection fit a second one in your lounge and a heat alarm in your kitchen.
  • Test your alarms on a weekly basis and never remove the battery unless fitting a new one immediately.
  • Do not obstruct your escape route. Keep landings and stairs free of combustible material and obstructions AT ALL TIMES.
  • In your own flat do not obstruct your hallway or put portable heating devices or other sources of heat there. It is your only escape route.
  • Avoid smoking, using candles or cooking with deep fat pans.
  • Have gas boilers and other appliances serviced annually by a qualified engineer.
  • At bedtime unplug electrical appliances where possible, close internal doors, have keys to the front door conveniently for use, and have a phone by your bedside.

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