The owner(s) of each flat share equally in Porton Court Residents Company Ltd, which owns the freehold of Porton Court. The Company is administered by a board of up to four (unpaid) Directors elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). It is in your interest to participate in the Residents Company and all residents are urged to attend the AGM when the annual accounts are presented for approval, Directors elected, and matters of policy decided. As a Shareholder you will receive formal notification of the date, venue, and agenda of each AGM.

In this regard new owners are reminded to ensure that the previous owner(s) formally transfer the share in the Company to them – the solicitor or conveyancer acting at the time of a purchase should do this as well as complying with the other legal formalities required by the terms of each lease.

The general management of Porton Court is contracted to Wallakers. All matters relating to day-to-day management and maintenance, such as the entryphone, barrier and service charge, should be referred to Mr Robert Heald on 020 8399 5381 or rheald@wallakers.com.

If you wish to contact the Directors please put a note in the red post box in the rear lobby of the Kingston Block or send an email via the comments box below. It will be dealt with as soon as possible. All the directors act voluntarily and in an unpaid capacity. Please do not contact Directors regarding individual issues such as parking disputes or noisy neighbours. Residents should attempt to resolve such matters themselves.

If you notice anything suspicious or untoward e.g. vandalism, intruders, or outsiders parking on our property, please contact the local Police Community Service Officers on 020 8721 2044, or if no response, call 999. If you suspect that non-residents are parking on PC land take the vehicle number and advise a Director of the circumstances.

One thought on “About

  1. Thanks to all residents for co-operation with car parking changes during the work on the exterior of the building. The contractor was able to work without interruptions and so finished more quickly than anticipated – saving costs that would otherwise have to be met by the Service Charges. As well as brickwork patching, repointing and waterproofing of sections of the walls, we did camera inspections of 6 of the 8 soil pipes and all of the rainwater down-pipes. The soil pipes were all clear, but 5 of the rainwater pipes where found to be blocked and so were cleaned out. A lot of additional sealing was done above windows where rain leaks had been reported. Cables were re-secured or removed where redundant and some previous blocking of old ventilator holes that had been badly executed (by resident’s contractors with only internal access) have been tidied-up. All overflow pipes have been fitted with ends to stop water running back along the pipes and staining the brickwork.
    Due to soft ground the big Cherry-picker could not get access to the south east corner of the 6th floor of Kingston Block so we will have to look at ways to achieve this when we do this sort of maintenance again in a couple of years.
    One area that we had hoped to target, but were thwarted by Health & Safety legislation, was improvements to many of the gas boiler flues. These have inevitably been installed from the inside, and, except for the ground and first floors, they have not generally been properly finished off on the outside. Our builder was not certified to work on these boiler flues as he does not have the “Gas Safe” accreditation required, and we have yet to locate a “Gas Safe” engineer who is qualified to operate a cherry-picker!
    Jim Wheeler, Director, 23/9/17.


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