Cable and satellite media and phone

Porton Court’s “heritage” television aerial system (single co-axial wall socket) has been de-commissioned as all the terrestrial channels are available via the SKY system – see below.

Most flats are also connected to the SKY aerial system, which provides a three terminal box within a flat giving the following facilities:

Radio:  Connect this to your audio to get an enhanced radio signal.

TV:  Connect to your TV for main and freeview channels.

Satellite:  Connect to Sky or Sky+ through the use of a decoder box.  Sky will not connect you directly to a communal aerial system, so you must use our approved installer – Neville Aerials 07968 570 140. All flats have the cable runs installed but some are not connected internally.

A number of flats are also wired for Virgin Media, which permits cable TV, broadband and phone.

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