Entrance barrier

Each flat has a “zapper” for entry through the vehicle barrier system.  The zapper is not required for exit as there is a buried induction loop.  Should a second or replacement zapper be required they can be obtained from www.gateremotes.co.uk where you can order the FAAC XT2 868SLH LR.  Cost is £24.90 plus delivery, or free delivery for 2.  The managing agent MUST then encode it for our barrier – contact Becky Heald.  To avoid the battery being prematurely drained keep it in your car, rather than your pocket or bag.

For visitors the barrier requires a telephone number for each flat (mobile or landline) which you set up as below.  Visitors press “clear”, then the door number of your flat on the key pad at the barrier and press ‘call’.   This then connects to the nominated telephone for the flat concerned.  Answer the call (from number 07921 816 977) and speak to your visitor.  Open the barrier by pressing the # key on your phone.  Please don’t open the barrier if strangers call you!

A charge of £36 (incl VAT at 20%) applies for updating your number in the system, which you do via http://www.commtel.tech/programming-changes. The cost is the same for any number of changes so team-up!

In the event of an extended power failure the barrier will be locked in the down position. DO NOT FORCE THE BARRIER UP. If you need to open the barrier during a power cut, the release keys are in the boxes in the lobby areas (which can be opened with the main entrance door key) with instructions.  Please return the barrier key and instructions to the box afterwards.


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