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At the AGM several residents complained that that some people were mis-using the Kitchen Waste bin.  I have had personally to intervene on one occasion when a hired cleaner was dumping general landfill waste in this (and other recycling) bins.  She pleaded ignorance of our system, so please advise your staff!

Others are lifting the main lid to put kitchen waste into the bin when the correct procedure is to lift the small lid in the middle of the top of the bin.  I cannot lock the main lid, and it does not close properly after use, so the smell escapes and the squirrels and RATS get in.

Please note these points and act considerately.

Jim Wheeler, Director.  27.3.16.

Rubbish chutes

We have had a great response to the letter about making the rubbish chutes safer for the fire risk assessment, with 45% of flats responding in the first 5 days. If you have not yet had chance to respond, please post your completed questionnaire into the red box on the ground floor of Kingston block by 1st February. If you live in Surbiton block, your front door key also works in the door to Kingston block. If you have lost the questionnaire letter, please put a note into the red box with your flat number so that we can provide another one.


You might remember that at the end of the AGM we promised that after the fence adjoining Bolney Court had been fixed that we would make some improvements to the gardens in that area. I am please to say that this is now in progress. The hedge along the Portsmouth Road side is being extended to improve privacy, and the lawn returfed in the corner by the gate. The border along the fence is being replanted. A new flowering cherry tree has been planted, in line with the requests of the majority who responded to our questionnaire, and the lawn has been reseeded in the region where the old tree was removed. It should all be looking good in the spring.