Rubbish and recycling

Recycling bins are provided between the two garage blocks for:-

(a) Paper and Cardboard (not thermal or photographic paper, post-it notes, shredded paper, or envelopes with windows). Please flatten or tear up cardboard boxes!

(b) Plastic metal and glass – bottles, jars, yoghurt pots, ready meal trays, fruit punnets, meat trays, margarine tubs and laundry tablet containers (but not bags or clingfilm or similar, or hard plastics), tins, foil and foil trays, aerosol cans, jar lids & sweet/biscuit tins.

(c) Food waste – which must be wrapped in newspaper or biodegradable bags available from most supermarkets. Please do not put loose food into this recycling bin.

Non-recyclable rubbish should be bagged and deposited in the paladin bins located in the rubbish rooms next to the back door of each block. Please don’t leave bags on the floor, and ensure the rubbish room doors are shut properly (pull string to unlatch door stay), otherwise foxes, etc. will get in & cause havoc.  Try to use the back bin if you can throw into it as this helps avoid the front one becoming overfull.

Unusual rubbish such as carpets, builders’ debris, wood, or unwanted items of furniture should be taken to the Villiers Road Household Reuse and Recycling Centre.  Each flat should have a car sticker provided by the Council to allow use of this facility. For a fee the Council will collect bulky items (call 020 8547 5002), but do not dump them on your landing or in our grounds pending collection!

For full details visit

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